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First Comment: 1. 9/19/12 2. What’s in a Name? from a blogger 3. I agree! The name a parent chooses for their child can great affect their over all life. Names have meanings for a reason. It’s important to really take the time to consider what one is naming someone or something because it could have an overall effect on how it is represented 4.

2nd Comment: 1. 9/24/12 2.Winter’s coming (at last)?! from a blogger 3.  Winter is such a beautiful season. Aside from the frost bitten hands, time spent defrosting your car, and waking up to cold air…Everything else is a bliss! The early dark night skies, the ice on the trees and the radiant blanket of white snow covering the city. Oh how I love winter!

3rd Comment: 1. 9/29/12 2. Employee Relations from blogger 3. I really agree with this. With every job it is important to have great management. If the managers are not properly doing their job then the employees will not properly do their job. Having managers that know how to respect individuals and  also have a passion for the organization that they work for, will lead to them training employees with charisma and in a way that will prepare them for the job at hand. A good company starts with good management.

4th comment: 1. 9/29/12 2. Meet Dave and Dan 3. “Just Do it,” is such an amazing slogan. To see it still be super effective in the world we live in today nearly 30 years after it was developed says an awful lot. It’s remarkable what advertising agencies are able to come up with. Truly the best of the best are acknowledge and credited with more customers.

5th comment: 1. 11/18/12 2. Liz classmate 3. Liz,
I really enjoyed this post. This topic was very interesting to me and the way you broke it down made and very informative and beneficial. I can see you are on the right track with choosing a career that is a great thing!

6th comment: 11/18/12 2. Top 4 ways for children to prevent getting skin cancer 3.  Benny,
This are great tips that people very often forget.

7th comment: 11/18/12 2. The 4 reasons why you should make your press release digital 3. Chaz,
This was a good post. It was well put together and convincing!

8th comment: 11/18/12 2. Importance of promotion in the music industury Evan 3. Evan,
Great post, I love music!

9th comment: 11/18/12 2. Advertising! 3. Loved this post! I love ads too, so many are just super creative!

10th comment: 11/18/12 2. Useful grammar tips from grammar girl 3. These are great reminders that I think many of us tend to forget!


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