Hello world!

My name is Amber Victoria McGinnis. I am a 4th year at The Ohio State University majoring in communications with an minor in media productions.

One day I want to be on TV. I want to be that reporter you see when you turn on the TV in the morning giving you all the important information you need to know about the world you live in. I want to travel, meet new people and make a difference. There is only so much in this city I grew up in of Columbus, Ohio and I cannot wait to get the opportunity to step outside of it and make a difference.

I am a singer. Though I do not have a record deal or anything, my shower head gets to see some of my best performances as well as my best friends. There is just something about the way a voice is an instrument that we are born with. We can produce any sound with a simple breath and some creativity.

 I am a dancer I do spiriutal dancing for my church . There is just something about the way a body moves to music, creating a story with each graceful step. One can truly express so many emotions through dance and just draw people in with the beauty of it.

I am a child of God, living my life truly to serve and obey him. For with everything I do, I do it to glorify the man upstairs. Patience and obedience will get me to where I truly belong in this life.


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