Help Someone

Take a moment to think about all the people you have come across in life that have helped you in some way. Think about where you would be without them and how much you appreciate them for all they have done. For if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t have that job, that knowledge for that task or just confidence to feel like you Can Do It! Those special people who came into your life you will remember forever and it’s all because of the simply fact that they helped you.

As I sit, just reflecting on the kind people I have encountered in my life, I can’t help but feel the need to give back to others as well. You never know how much you can directly change someones’ life by just reaching out and giving them a helping hand. Giving back to others after someone has given to you is such a beautiful thing. It is only right to do this. So take the time to just help someone.

It takes leadership to help a person. As college students we are all building ourselves up to be leaders out there in the world someday. We are learning and gaining the proper skills to get us ready to take over. As we go throughout this process we are meeting leaders that are currently out there in the world. They are teaching us how to do things in order to one day pass the torch over to us.

We do not have to be where we want ourselves to be in life, in order to help others. Just by taking the time to want to further our education we are already at a position where we can help someone. There is always someone below us that is looking for that guidance, advice and push into the right direction. By being that mentor to them and showing them how you got to where you are, you are building them up with joy to feel that they can do the same.

People need people to thrive. You ever hear the popular saying, ‘It’s all about connections.’ This is so true. The people you decide to surround yourself with will make a direct impact on you in either a positive or negative way. So choose to be around the right people. The people who want to better themselves and are working hard to get there and the people that made it to the top and can help you get there too. But don’t just soak it all in for your own enjoyment pass that information on to someone else so they can better themselves too.

Life is too short to sit back and later regret. That boy without a father needs you to step in and be that positive influence. That girl with little confidence needs you to step in and show her that she is totally capable. Be a leader and help those that need help. Step out on a limb and take a chance. Pay it forward.


6 thoughts on “Help Someone

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  2. Amber, I agree completely. Being on Ohio State’s campus only increases our opportunity to help others because of the vast diversity found here. Differences in language, culture, religion and race could be seen as barriers, but its much more rewarding to view them as opportunities. Helping a person learn something new, or learning something new yourself is as good a way to give back as any. When we learn and interact among a diverse population of students, the university only benefits.

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