Great Communication Will Get You Far

Texting has become one of the most popular forms of communication Build Great Communication Skills

Look around, communication is everywhere. As the two friends laugh obnoxiously as they recall the events from last night, slapping each others shoulders and nearly being in tears. As the two lovers sit in the night holding hands and gazing into each others eyes. As the three siblings converse with the expression of joy on their faces. Let’s face it you cannot hide from communication.

Take a moment to think about how you communicate with others. Do you look people in the eyes when you engage in conversation or do you shyly look in other directions? Do you cross your arms as if you are uninterested or do you use your hands to emphasis what you are trying to say?

Having good communication skills is so important in the society we live in today. It can truly make or break you. It can guarantee you a career and make it as though you have no chance at all of getting it. That is why one must learn good communication skills in order to excel in the world.

First key element to good communication is, verbal communication. It is all about what you say and how you say it. Pay close attention to the words that come out of your mouth. Be sure to think before you speak it can really affect the way others view you. Speak with clarity allow for others to understand you, do not mumble or speak too softly.

Second key element is your physical body language. Stand tall and alert. Do not cross your arms it shows uninterest in conversation. Smile, a smile can say a thousand words. Respect the other person you are talking to, look them in the eyes stand in a manner that says ‘I am listening.’

Working on those things mentioned above will be a sure way to make you someone that people will enjoy communicating with.

Below are some helpful quotes of encouragement to help you get through any type of communication situation:

‘I may not be able to control what happens, but I can control what happens next.’

‘You want to be the one to make the lasting impression.’

‘Keep your eyes open you never know what you’re gonna see.’

‘The person that helps them solve the mental conflict is the one that gets the job.’

‘Don’t work harder on your education than you do you, or else you’ll be an educated fool.’

‘Never simply answer the question. Question the question then give an answer.’

‘The worst thing you can do is talk about yourself, their will be plenty of people who will do that for you.’

‘You gotta get the philosophy right about you.’

‘Goals are thoughts until you put a time on them.’

‘Trust is given as you earn it.’

‘Leaders are always under assessment’

I hope all this helps, be the best you can be for you! With great communication skills you will strive in the business world, in personal relations and just in everyday life.


4 thoughts on “Great Communication Will Get You Far

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It is written very well and uses your own personal voice. The subject matter also was very relevant. I agree with your tips on good communication like speaking clear and confident while making eye contact. Sounds simple but is so important in today’s job market.

  2. This is such a relevant topic these days! Too few realize the true impact of the social media choices they make. Having our day-to-day communications sent out to a worldwide audience is a relatively new experience, and I feel we are lagging behind in adjusting. I’m reminded of the high school student in Cincinnati that tweeted a threat to the president. Just because we are increasingly communicating online does not mean we can forget the rules of civil discourse.

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