Never Judge A Book by Its Cover – Breaking PR Stereotypes

Today we live in a world where people associate different things with a particular title. In the professional world especially people like doctors, lawyers and reporters are all stereotyped by society.

One particular group of professionals that have been scrutinized by the media is public relations pros. A job in public relations is one of the most important jobs in order to help companies run efficiently, yet people have decided to give them all types of negative nicknames.

A stereotype that has struck my attention is, women in PR are of the majority and they are generally a bunch of mean girls just waiting for the moment when they need to bring their claws out. Though from what I realize women do rule the PR world it’s crazy to see that people think that are always on the defensive mood. Iris Signature a PR salesman said:

“It’s true! Possibly it’s because there are so many women in the field and an office can get to feel like a high school clique, but it’s also because of the nature of the industry (getting stories published) and the fact that there’s such tight competition for clients. That, combined with stress of deadlines and working with creative, emotional types makes the claws emerge.”

Another stereotype that has me in shock is that, PR pros never work at the fast pace that other’s need them to work at. This was hard for me to hear because I realize that PR professionals are always expected to meet deadlines such as, sending out press releases and publishing company newspapers at a timely manner, yet many people consent with this statement.   

 With those findings I thought it was important to reminder people that we should never just assume that a person is a certain way just because of the industry that they work in. Every individual is unique in their own way; their profession does not define them. And sure certain careers may force people to be a particular way, but that is only for them to do their job to their best ability and to stand their ground at all times.

Living in a world with so many judgmental minds it’s only natural for people to assume things. But one should always remember to never judge a person, by what they see or hear, get to know them for you then make an assumption.


2 thoughts on “Never Judge A Book by Its Cover – Breaking PR Stereotypes

  1. Amber,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I never knew PR was such a dominant profession with women, when your discussed the stereotypes in the field. There are many labels given for every job career, but I agree that it’s the person who people should make the assumption on, and not the general group of professionals.

    Have you had any particular internship where you’ve seen this “stereotype” take place? Or was it a different experience for you? I truly think the face of PR is changing as technology advances, and PR professionals are going to be needed at a higher demand. The other stereotype of “PR pros never work at the fast pace that other’s need them to work at,” shocked me also. It is most likely due to the fact that companies can be so demanding on what they want one PR professional to do. There is just not enough staff. This is when the company needs to re-evaluate what their goal is and what mediums are most effective for them to conduct business.

    Thanks for the post!


    • Liz,

      I am glad that you enjoyed this post. I also agree with you that in some PR positions there is just simply not enough people hired to do the the job which may cause a delay in them getting things done on time.

      From my internship experience with two different professional PR women at to different companies. I would have to say that these particular stereotypes did not apply. Both of these PR were the only people in charge of the public relations at there companies therefore they had a ton of responsibilities and expectations. However, they were both able to take on the many roles that a PR Pro must take on as well as getting things done at a timely manner and I must say that I was very impressed.

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