Women – Your Style Communicates A Message

In a world where first impressions count for everything and ‘people are sizing you up and sizing you down,’ appearance and clothing are ‘so important’, said Leah Bourne, style writer for Forbes.

In the professional world appearance is everything. With that being said it is so important to stay well groomed. Aside from taking daily showers and brushing your teeth every morning, when you enter work each day you want the clothes you have on to make a statement about you.

What should women wear to the office?

Women have so many options when it comes to getting dressed for work. From skirts to blazers, to dresses and cardigans they all work in the business world.  However, it is very important for one to know the environment they work in before they get dressed for work each day. This is because each company has its own rules and dress codes.

Casual dress

In many companies today they are gearing away from the traditional way of dressing and leaning more towards dressing casual. When it comes to dressing in this manner it is important to remember, “Business casual should not be equated to weekend casual. There is a big difference between these two. The problem is recognizing the difference and knowing when casual is too casual,” said Lola, a style writer for Divine Caroline.

  • Rules for shirts:
  1. Never wear a low cut shirt to the job.  Not only is this inappropriate but it is also a huge distraction for those in the office.
  2. Two is better than one. Layer blouses with blazers and cardigans, not only is this more professional but it is also very stylish.
  • Rules for pants
  1. Never too tight.
  2. Never too low.
  3. Never destroyed jeans.
  • Rules for skirts
  1. Always at least mid thigh length.
  2. Never too short.
  • Rules for dresses
  1. Never too tight.
  2. At least mid thigh length.
  3. Layer dresses with blazers.
  • Rules for shoes
  1. Closed toe is best.
  2. Never wear a heel that you can’t walk in.
  3. Comfy is best, remember you are at work.

Hope this helps. As many of us near graduation and prepare to present ourselves with class to former employers we must dress our best. Believe it or not the clothes you decide to wear each day is a form of communication that you share with everyone around you.

Here is a YouTube Video To Give Additional Help:


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