Men – Your Style Communicates A Message

Before you know it college will be over and after college comes a professional job. When getting ready for class it’s easy to throw on some sweats and a t-shirt or some jeans and a sweatshirt. However, now that it is almost time to enter the ‘real world’ it is important to dress with class.

Men it is important to pay attention to how you look. With graduation steadily approaching if you want to land that job or have others respect you, realize that it all starts with what you choose to wear.

Men believe it or not you have it easy! Unlike females who have a ton of options when dressing for work , you typically just have your ‘basics’.  This makes it a lot easier for you to pick out something to wear. Depending on the job you get. this will determine the type of clothes you wear to the office. You don’t want to over dress or under dress you want to be right on for the particular field you are in.

Business casual is being seen in the majority of jobs today so this is what I will be giving some advice on. Good news guys according to Paul Vallejo, ” Denim is being seen in more offices than it was even 5 years ago.” With that news you can dress up a nice pair of jeans and make it work appropriate in a variety of ways.

How to dress up a pair of jeans for work?

  • Shoes: You cannot wear the traditional sneakers to the office when rocking jeans that is not business professional at all. Some other alternatives are, loafers, speerys and toms. These shoes don’t over do it or under do it.
  • Tops: Never wear a T-Shirt that is ‘casual’ not ‘business casual’. Instead wear a button up with a blazer or by itself, a polo, or a nice sweater.

Sticking to things like this will be able to tie it all in and make you business professional for any job.

Here is a YouTube video with great suggestions for how young men should dress at work.


One thought on “Men – Your Style Communicates A Message

  1. To go along with your blog post, I think Dress for Success is a great non profit organization that helps prepare people to “dress the part” when searching for jobs. Like you explained, there is a very specific type of clothing required for many professions and causal wear is usually not it. Finding a job in the current market is difficult enough but when you add the wardrobe that is expected in the professional workplace, things get even harder. Many people can’t afford this type of clothing. It’s difficult to get a job if you do not look professional and wear the appropriate dress when walking into an interview.

    Dress for Success says, “Job-ready women come to Dress for Success by referral only from a range of non-profit organizations. Each client works one-on-one with a highly-trained volunteer Personal Shopper, who helps her select professional attire and also provides support and encouragement as she prepares for her upcoming interviews.”

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