Tweeting At An Event

Twitter is by far one of my favorite social media networks for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is because of the interaction and outreach that you are able to experience with others. When we simply live our lives day to day Twitter is one of those places we can go to find out about almost anything that is happening in the world. I recently tweeted during an event and saw how it positively effected the organization for many reasons.

How to tweet during an event?
Before you decide to tweet at any event you must always come prepared.
1.) You must have the twitter handle of the company or organization that is hosting the event.

It is important for the company you are tweeting about to know that you are tweeting about them. This will allow them to see how people feel about the event and what they can do to improve it and make it better for the next time. By using their twitter handle they are able to see tweets that are directly targeted to them. Twitter handles are always followed by the @.

2.) You must use hash tags.

Twitter has its own language and in the ‘twitter language’ hash tags are one of the most important components. Hash tags give the company the advantage to become a trending topic on twitter. During an event there may also be a particular hash tag that they want you to use so it’s important to come prepared with that information. Hash tags look like this # and are always used before the slogan, phrase or company that you are trying to trend.

3.) You must do some research.

During most popular events there is generally a significant purpose as to why it is taking place. Do some research on the company/organization to learn more about them and understand why they are having the event. Then do some research on the topic of the event so you can intelligently interact with others about the truth and knowledge on twitter.

I hope this helps. This is just the basics but there is so much more you can learn to be the best live tweeter you want to be. Want to learn more about how you can be the best at live tweeting? Click here!


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