Advertising Is So Important

Look around you, advertisements are everywhere! From the many commercials on the television, to the billboards that are up in the sky, it is impossible to stay away from advertisements today. With a society of people who want the biggest and the best, shopping has become an addictive habit that many Americans have and have a hard time getting rid of. Especially with the massive use of advertisements today it is hard to not want the next best thing.

The Different Ways To Advertise:

  • Print Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • Covert Advertising
  • Surrogate Advertising
  • Public Service Advertising
  • Celebrity Advertising

With all these different types of ads taking place in our world, it is constantly in our faces which then gets implanted in our minds and then our actions lead us to finally buying the product. This is something we need to be careful with. We cannot let these ads control us we need to stay in control of them at all times.

What does it take to have quality advertisements?

Coming up with creative ideas for advertisements isn’t easier. That is why one of the best ways to advertise is with a team effort. By putting a bunch of creative minds together you will get all kinds of thoughtful ideas to better advertise a particular product. Also thinking outside of the box is another needed asset to better advertise a particular brand. So often people do the ‘norm’ but by taking a risk and thinking bigger you will be surprised to see the attention it will get for potential customers.  Lastly, it is important to know your audience. By understanding the targeted group of people who you are directing you brand too you will be able to better appeal to their desires. A way to get to know them better is by doing different forms of research such as focus groups and surveys.


One thought on “Advertising Is So Important

  1. Advertising is fascinating to me. Not only are the multitude of ad types interesting, and the different ways to use each one, but the science behind figuring out how to reach your audience is intriguing. Targeting an ad on Michigan apparel in the Columbus area makes zero sense, and would infuriate the majority of the population. Finding out how to reach the audience, developing an ad idea that will drag them in and designing the ad are all major aspects in the advertising industry. The funny thing is I never even realized these things until I started taking communication classes for my major.

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